Number Stations Part 2

by JP

[PS025] Various Artists – Number Stations part II by PublicSpacesLab

Once again, I’m honored to have been given the chance to curate another Number Stations compilation for PublicSpaces LabNumber Stations Part 2. Gathering together a collection of international artists, old and  new and faces a like. Again the one remit, make music with samples taken from the mysterious and compelling number stations phenomena. Strange shortwave recordings of unexplained voices, beeps and clicks that are often attributed government agency communications with secret agents. Many of the recordings are from the height of the cold war. The challenge is to take these hissing, crackling, pitch twitching sounds and wrestle them into something musical. It was a challenge that was accepted with delight by 12 artists, who I am proud to say make up the Number Stations Part 2 release. Number Stations Part 1 is also available on PublicSpaces Lab.